Blast Your Next Event into the Stratosphere With Flight Simulator Rentals from Amusitronix!

Real Flight Simulator rentals from Amusitronix will ensure that your next party, corporate event or tradeshow will really take off! Our intensely realistic, virtual reality flight simulators completely immerse you and your guests in the rhapsody of flight. Imagine piloting a Cessna around the Eiffel Tower, as you take in the sights of Paris at night. Or maybe rocketing a fighter jet through a battle zone and then landing on an aircraft carrier is more your speed. Perhaps you’d prefer to try your hand at flying a jumbo jet. We even offer an amazing moon landing simulation.

Custom Lunar Lander 2020

Try your hand at landing the next
Lunar Lander.

Exclusive virtual reality experience
from Amusitronix! Read more about our
Lunar Lander Flight Simulator here.

Lunar Lander Flight Simulator

Commander Kelly and the Lunar Lander

STS Commander Scott Kelly and
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin lands on the moon using our Lunar Lander

Landing on the moon with the Lunar Lander simulator

The Sky is the Limit with Amusitronix’ Space Flight Simulators

The reality of our flight simulators has to be seen (and felt!) to be believed. We specialize in rentals providing a TOTAL experience. Climbing into the command pod of our Deluxe Lunar Lander Flight Simulator 2020 is an out-of-this-world experience. Designed to replicate the real lunar lander that will be touching down on the moon in 2020, this space flight simulator is astonishingly real. With computer-controlled wind effects and a real harness, our hang-glider simulator will make you swear you’re really there, floating along on a cushion of air.

Virtual Hangglider Virtual Hangglider (Inside)

Virtual Hangglider

with real harness, controls, and even wind!

Flight Simulator - Standard Flight Simulator - Deluxe

Standard Flight Simulator

with Truss and Flat Screens

Deluxe Flight Simulator

former program at Space Center Houston

Flight Simulators Flight Simulators

Flight Simulators

We’ve Got More Flight Simulators Than You Can Shake a Yoke Stick At:

  • Virtual Hang Glider
  • Jet Fighters
  • Cessnas
  • Jumbo Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Ultralights
  • 360° cockpit motion control

Whether you’re looking to dazzle potential clients at your next trade show or promotional event, or say thanks to your employees in a way they’ll never forget, Amusitronix has a wide range of real flight simulators to fit every occasion and budget. And when you go with Amusitronix flight simulator rentals, you know you’re going with the best.

Flight Simulators Real Enough for NASA

Our client list reads like a virtual “who’s-who” of Fortune 500 powerhouses and brand leaders. The experience we provide is so real, NASA tapped us to provide the Lunar Lander simulation at its Houston visitors’ center. With some 20 years experience of providing cutting-edge virtual-reality entertainment promotions and games, at Amusitronix we are the “VR guys”, the go-to team for making your next event succeed like nothing before.

Flight Simulator Screen Shots

Flight Sim Analog Screen Bi-plane Simulator Screen Flight Sim Cockpit Screen
VR Fighter Jet Screen  Helicopter Simulator Screen Jumbo Jet Flight Sim Screen
NY City Flight Simulator Screen Paris Flight Simulator Screen Ultra-light Flight Sim Screen

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality flight simulator experience

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Oculus Rift Total Immersion VR

Simulator Featured on NBC

Olympic Preview Golf Simulator

Matt Laurer, Carson Daly and 7 time LPGA champ Christie Kerr take swings on the Amusitronix Golf Simulator, August 5, 2015.

Oculus Rift – Total Immersion VR

Oculus Rift

“The total immersion cockpit with Oculus was a huge hit. It was even better than advertised, plus as you probably know, everyone kept returning to the booth to try and improve their score. Big draw!”

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality experience

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