Virtual Reality Golf Simulator Rentals

You know your audience, and nothing grabs their attention like that little white ball. For your next event, let Amusitronix provide one of our top-shelf, entirely addictive, virtual reality golf simulators. We rent golf simulators for every budget, every type of event, and any type of venue. Whether you go “live” with our radar golf installation, or let our golf pros run a clinic for your guests with one of our amazingly realistic virtual golf simulators, you can be sure the crowd will be clamoring to get in line and start swinging away.

Playing Virtual Reality Golf

Amusitronix featured on NBC’s The Today Show

LPGA champ Cristie Kerr Plays the Amusitronix golf sim on NBC’s The Today Show, August 5th 2015. To view segment, click here

Playing Virtual Reality Golf

Virtual Golf

with infrared club and large projection screen. Min space is 10x10x8

Radar Golf in a parking lot

Radar Golf

(speed or distance) in a parking lot. Min space is 10x15x10

Drive, Chip, Putt, Win with our VR Golf Simulators

Our virtual reality golf simulation machines provide the most realistic experience in the industry. With Amusitronix’ Virtual Golf, players line up in front of a massive projection screen and swing an infrared club—the audience watches as the drive lofts onto the green at famous courses like Augusta and Pebble Beach. Our standard golf simulator rentals includes swing analysis using a real club with styrofoam balls. With a little more space, we can install a full-size golf simulator using real clubs and real golf balls—it’s the ultimate in virtual golf. And for outdoor events, we can hook you up with Radar Golf, which can measure the real-time speed and distance of every drive.

All of our golf simulator rentals feature:

  • Longest Drive Contests
  • Closest to the Pin Contests
  • Regular Play
  • Head-to-Head Competition with Digital Leaderboard
Chipping with Custom Targets

Chipping with Custom Targets

Standard Golf Simulator with swing analysis Michelin Standard Golf Simulator

Standard Golf Simulator

includes swing analysis using a real club with styrofoam balls. Min space is 10x15x10

Virtual Reality Golf Simulators Powered by the Pros!

Our most deluxe package is Instructional Golf—we provide the a full-sized golf simulator rental as well as an accredited golf professional who works with your guests, one-on-one, to improve their game using video swing analysis. We can even arrange to compare a player’s swing with the golf pro’s: our system digitally captures each swing and then outputs the analysis on video, CD-ROM, or a printed spreadsheet.

We also offer many popular novelty golf simulations, for events where space is tight. For example, your guests can enjoy chipping into custom-designed targets branded for your event. There is also Amusitronix’s Electronic Putting Surface, where the playing surface changes contours to simulate 75 different championship greens.

Instructional Golf with real golf pros VR Golf Instruction using video analysis

Instructional Golf with real golf pros using video analysis.

Optional swing comparison with a golf professional’s swing on video, CDRom, or printout.

VR golf tent at Ford Championship - Doral 2005 Golf sim tent at Michelin Championship in Vegas

Ford Championship at Doral

Michelin Championship in Vegas

The experience we provide is so real, our virtual reality golf simulator rentals have even made the PGA Tour, appearing at the Ford Championship at Doral, FL and the Michelin Championship in Las Vegas, NV. With some 20 years experience of providing cutting-edge virtual-reality entertainment promotions and games, at Amusitronix we are the “VR guys,” the go-to team for making your next event succeed like nothing before with our entirely addictive virtual reality golf simulator rentals.

Electronic Putting Challenge simulates 75 holes of championship greens Golf Putting Challenge Picture

Electronic Putting Surface

Simulates 75 holes of championship greens.
The contour of the green changes after every hole and includes an automatic ball return.

Custom Greens Now available!

Custom Greens Now Available for Events

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality golfing experience

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Oculus Rift Total Immersion VR

Simulator Featured on NBC

Olympic Preview Golf Simulator

Matt Laurer, Carson Daly and 7 time LPGA champ Christie Kerr take swings on the Amusitronix Golf Simulator, August 5, 2015.

Oculus Rift – Total Immersion VR

Oculus Rift

“The total immersion cockpit with Oculus was a huge hit. It was even better than advertised, plus as you probably know, everyone kept returning to the booth to try and improve their score. Big draw!”

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality experience

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