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with VR Trade Show Promotions that Make Your Booth POP

Captivate Trade Show Audiences with Our Virtual Reality Entertainment

A good trade show promotion can create a little buzz for your booth, but a great trade show promotion creates a captive audience that just can’t tear themselves away. At your next trade show, don’t just settle for good—dazzle ‘em with a custom-branded, virtual reality experience from Amusitronix that immerses your audience in your message.

Sci-Fi Network Tradeshow Booth

Sci Fi Network Tradeshow

Baseball, Virtual Home Run Derby

Virtual baseball trade show booth game

High end PC experience that can feature any MLB player in any MLB city! The perfect trade show entertainment and traffic building idea

Custom Trade Show Entertainment created specifically for you!

Medical trade show booth game a


Attendees at medical trade shows all over the country are being introduced to the newest technology used to cure cancer, Accuray’s CyberKnife. Amusitronix’s custom experience created for Accuray simulates the ease of use of the CyberKnife in treating cancer. As of today, we have demonstrated the use of the CyberKnife to treat lung, prostate, & brain cancer.

Addictive Virtual Reality Trade Show Booth Games

Our distinctive, completely addictive virtual reality games are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Whether it’s a head-to-head Nascar racing simulator complete with a leaderboard, or a golf simulator so real you’ll swear you’re on the links at Pebble Beach, attendees will climb over themselves to try on the glasses and slip into a virtual world that can be customized to build your brand and reinforce your message.

Indy or F1 Cars

Brand reinforcing on a trade show promotion

We put your company name on all the fins to reinforce your brand


Trade show entertainment with a race carRace car sims used in trade show promotion

Participants feel like they are INSIDE the car! Optional: Your logo on the hood of each car Optional: Custom Digital Leaderboard Optional: 3 Lap Ride Along Prizes

Racing cockpits

Featuring literally ANY racing experience on high resolution 32” LCD screens with force feedback steering wheels and rumbling seats.

Custom Digital Leaderboards

aLeaderboard for customized trade show entertainment

Take your trade show event to the next level with custom leaderboards. We can feature your logos and color schemes to create an attractive leaderboard that we will display on a separate LCD monitor at your event.

Go Virtual with Amusitronix Trade Show Promotions and Ideas

Amusitronix has been providing high-end, traffic-building entertainment for trade shows for over 20 years. With a wealth of experience from working international trade shows on three continents, and with a client list that reads like a “who’s-who” of brand leaders and Fortune 500 powerhouses, what we can do for YOUR business is only limited by the imagination.

We can physically customize our units to match your booth, and we can even feature your product or logo INSIDE an experience.

Flight Simulators

Feature nearly ANY plane flying nearly ANYWHERE in the world!

Standard Golf Simulator trade show booth game Michelin Standard Golf Simulator trade show promotion

Standard Golf Simulator

includes swing analysis using a real club with styrofoam balls. Min space is 10x15x10

Trade Show Promotions That Truly Make an Impact!

Our virtual reality trade show games will drive traffic to your booth AND make them want to stay. That means more face-time with vital industry contacts, who are sure to be more receptive to what you have to say, and more likely to remember it later. With Amusitronix virtual reality trade show promotions, attendees lose themselves in the game, but your message stays with them long after the fun is just a pleasant memory.

Laser Shooting Gallery

Trade show booth with a laser shooting gallery

Wide range of experiences including a real police trainer.

Motion Thrill Ride

Trade show promo thrill ride

Experiences include: Roller Coasters, Bull Riding, Flight over the Grand Canyon, Custom Experiences or a White Water Rapid experience as seen here recently provided for Barcelona, Helsinki, Hiroshima & Vienna. Check out our virtual reality motion simulation thrill ride rentals.

Enough With The Key-Chains, Already

When you think about it, who really needs another key-chain, or a coffee mug with your logo on it? What you SHOULD be asking yourself is:

  • What kind of trade show booth idea will make my booth POP?
  • What’s going to drive traffic to my booth and make them want to stick around to hear what I have to say?

Sports Simulation

Customized trade show booth game

Wide range of Sports Simulation Games for every sport you can imagine! Customization can include physical as well as some “virtual” options INSIDE the games!

Whole Body Sports – BE IN THE GAME

Having fun with Amusitronix' trade show games

Wide range of experiences for every sport you can imagine! Customization can include physical as well as some “virtual” options INSIDE the games!

Whether it’s an amusement park ride motion simulator, a home-run derby competition, an F-16 flight simulator or a NASCAR driving challenge that’s housed in a life-sized racecar with your brand on the hood, Amusitronix has a wide range of virtual reality experiences that can be custom designed for any venue and any budget. You pick the promotion—we customize it for your needs and will even operate it on the day of the show, leaving you free to work the crowd. Contact Amusitronix today and find out how we can turn our virtual reality know-how into your trade show entertainment “wow” with our completely addictive VR booth games and trade show promotions.

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Oculus Rift Total Immersion VR

Simulator Featured on NBC

Olympic Preview Golf Simulator

Matt Laurer, Carson Daly and 7 time LPGA champ Christie Kerr take swings on the Amusitronix Golf Simulator, August 5, 2015.

Oculus Rift – Total Immersion VR

Oculus Rift

“The total immersion cockpit with Oculus was a huge hit. It was even better than advertised, plus as you probably know, everyone kept returning to the booth to try and improve their score. Big draw!”

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality experience

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