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We specialize in creating custom Virtual Reality experiences designed for special events. Our games, customizable with your logos, text and audio, can be created for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens and Windows 10.

Check out some of the examples below!

Whoopi Goldberg's Fear of Flying Video Whoopi Goldberg’s Fear of Flying Video

When Virgin Atlantic wanted to help Whoopi Goldberg overcome her fear of flying, it was Amusitronix’s Flight Simulator and motion base that was used in a training exercise show on LIVE television!

General Electric Canoe Race Simulator General Electric Canoe Race Simulator

Test your skills with Amuistronix’ Canoe Race Simulator featured at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and see if you have what it takes to be a champion!

Treasure Hunt VR Treasure Hunt VR

Participants navigate a virtual urban landscape in search of treasure to collect points and compete against other guests. This experience, created for event use, uses the latest Virtual Reality technology, is easy to play for the most novice player and fun to play for the most experienced.

See it in action!

Electro Pong VR Electro Pong VR

Electro Pong is a modern day play on the original 1972 Atari game. Be immersed in a remarkable 3D world as you use whole body motions to protect your goal and score points.

See it in action!

Sushi Samurai Simulator Sushi Samurai Simulator

Fish are flying everywhere! Are you up to the challenge to become the next Sushi Samurai? Find out with Amusitronix’s Sushi Samurai Simulator.

Virtual Reality Soccer Virtual Reality Soccer

Test your skills with Amuistronix’s virtual reality soccer. Take shots on goal to determine if you have what it takes to take on a professional goalie.

Custom Race Simulator Custom Racing Simulator

Take racing to a whole new level with a custom race simulator developed by Amusitronix. Race around a customized track with your logo or brand advertising throughout, speeding around corners in this intense simulator!

Bobsled Simulator Bobsled Simulator

Have you ever wanted the thrill of bobsledding without the danger or cold? Amusitronix has developed a virtual reality bobsled ride complete with all the thrills and chills of bobsledding from the comfort of your next event or party.

Custom 2 min Drill Custom 2 Minute Drill

Amusitronix has created a totally new experience based off of the last 2 minutes of a football game as the quarterback (the participant) tried to complete passes in the final 2 minutes to see what kind of QB rating they can earn. Add logos and other images to the field or scoreboard. Choose ANY NFL or College Football team!

Western Shootout Western Shootout

Amusitronix has created a virtual shootout simulator! Immerse yourself in a realistic western shootout and test your ability to take down targets.

flight sim 1 flight sim 2
Custom Hanglider Flight Sims

Amusitronix can create custom scenarios for you to hang glide in, including REAL locations. Add a challenging course featuring your logos or products to reinforce your brand at your next trade show.

Custom Flight Simulator Flight Simulators

Amusitronix can create custom scenarios for you to fly through, including real locations across the globe. Add a challenging course featuring your logos or products to reinforce your brand at your next trade show or event.

r VR Home Systems
Game Shows / Trivia

Amusitronix is now customizing your favorite games shows and tailoring the actual programs to include YOUR questions, YOUR logos, YOUR products or YOUR name actually IN the game. The setups can range from monitors on trussing for small spaces, projection screens with kiosks and buzzers for larger spaces, or complete game show sets when space allows.

Preakness – Infield Fest

When the Maryland Jockey Club wanted to take their infield events to the next level during the Preakness they turned to Amusitronix. Upon our learning of the cancellation of a fan favorite tradition called “Running of the Urinals” for insurance reasons, Amusitronix stepped up and recreated the tradition in a virtual world using actual photos of the venue, urinals and 3D models of Bud Light cans so that the tradition can continue thrilling both the fans and organizers.

Paintball Monster Energy New Laser Paintball

Your guests will roar with laughter and excitement as they play our newest experience, laser paintball. Everything in the arena can be customized with realistic photos or fun and humorous characters as seen here. You can feature yourself, your friends, colleagues, co-workers, products and or logos in the game. You can even pick your favorite background for the arena! Have theme music or a favorite song – we can add that too!

AccurayAttendees at medical trade shows all over the country are being introduced to the newest technology used to cure cancer, Accuray’s CyberKnife. Amusitronix’s custom experience created for Accuray simulates the ease of use of the CyberKnife in treating cancer. As of today, we have demonstrated the use of the CyberKnife to treat lung, prostate, & brain cancer.
Lunar Lander 2020 Lunar Lander 2020

Participants get the sights, sounds & feel of landing the future lunar lander shceduled to land on the moon in the year 2020. Amusitronix designed this software for Space Center Houston. This experience is currently featured in their Rotunda. (Read more about it here.)

DDR Rental - Custom Experience from Amusitronix Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Now your favorite song, photos & videos can become part of your event in the most popular musical experience ever designed. Everyone loves to play DDR!

Digital Leader Board Digital Leader BoardWe can use your colors, logos and other features in our new digital leaderboard to keep track of the winners at your event for any of our event rentals.
Lumberjack Challenge Lumberjack ChallengeWith your virtual chainsaw in hand, race to cut down as many trees and shrubs as possible in our lush 3D environment. Points are awarded for all successful cuts so prizes can be awarded to the winners. There is plenty of room for your logo, text, or picture on the billboards and signs in the arena. This is an exciting, non-violent experience that your guests will surely remember.
Custom Phazer Tag Custom Phazer TagWe can customize the game arena to be any size up to 4 players in the same game at the same time. We can add photos or logos to the walls to promote your product or image as people go head to head in your very own custom environment.
custom lacrosse simulator Custom Lacrosse ShootoutSwing your lacrosse stick to try and score as many goals as possible in this fast paced sports game!
snowball fight simulator Snowball Fight SimulationChallenge your friends, family, or co-workers to a virtual snowball fight without needing any real snow. Test your aim and your opponents in this action paced game!
Custom Shopping Experience Custom Shopping ExperienceParticipants enter stores and look for clues to solving a problem that we can customize. Example: You have a car to give away and participants get 30 seconds to search 30 stores for 3 keys. The first person to find the 3 keys in 30 seconds wins the car! This can be shown publicly or privately at the client’s discretion.

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality experience

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Oculus Rift Total Immersion VR

Simulator Featured on NBC

Olympic Preview Golf Simulator

Matt Laurer, Carson Daly and 7 time LPGA champ Christie Kerr take swings on the Amusitronix Golf Simulator, August 5, 2015.

Oculus Rift – Total Immersion VR

Oculus Rift

“The total immersion cockpit with Oculus was a huge hit. It was even better than advertised, plus as you probably know, everyone kept returning to the booth to try and improve their score. Big draw!”

For an intense, realistic, completely addictive virtual reality experience

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